What the Pros Have to Say:


Paul LoCicero - Director of Golf
Bristlecone Pines Golf Club
Hartland, Wisconsin 

"I was nominated for the Wisconsin PGA Teacher of the Year in 2001, 2002 and 2003. I use the circular golf mat in all my lessons. The golf swing is a circular movement, not a square; why use anything else?"


John Sheldon - PGA Professional
Tamarisk Country Club
Rancho Mirage, California

"I've tried the competition, and believe me, the Pyramid Builder has no equal. I am amazed at the quality and effortless function of the tray and stacker."

Steve Beach - Teaching Professional
Glenmoor Country Club
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

"As an instructor I want my students to swing the golf club on plane with the proper clubface angles. The Swing Doctor teaching aid is very effective in teaching baseline plane in the takeback area where the club is parallel to the ground and target-line with the proper clubface angle. Furthermore, it is crucial that students set the club at the top of the backswing over the back shoulder. The Swing Doctor easily puts my students in this position with excellent extension."


Dennis Tiziani - PGA Professional
Madison, Wisconsin

"I've used the circular mat exculsively in coaching the University of Wisconsin men's and women's golf teams. The circular pattern identified the center of our teaching philosophy; even more importantily, the circle concept used to communicate the movements of the golf swing is enhanced by the circular mat. Crooked Lies 360 lie-variable structured beneath the circular mat, will challenge a golfer's practice-experience by mirroring golf-course situations." 


Tom Wilcox - PGA Master Professional
Director of Golf
Quintero Golf & Country Club
Peoria, Arizona

"I have known Jack Thomsen for over twenty years and was one of the first professionals in the country to use his pyramid ball-stacking sytem at my club in the Chicago area. I was delighted to find his products in use when I became Director of golf at Quintero Golf and Country Club. They look sharp, work well and last forever. In addition, his teaching aids turn a range into a learning center. If you want your golf facility to stand head and shoulders above all the others, he has everything you need to take it to the next level."