Golf Range

• Distances are marked with 3 rows of flags at 25 yard intervals,
with 25 yards between the rows.

• Central area features 18 Round mats, 9 of which are our Crooked Lies ™ Mats, with a full 10 feet between stations.

• Flanking our mat area are two full shot turf practice areas, with sufficient space to add an additional 20 stations on each side. 

• All stations feature individual bag support racks, with the mat area also providing safety dividers between stations.

• At the west end of the area is a dedicated greenside/fairway bunker practice area.

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Our full shot practice area is 300 yards deep and 600 feet wide, facing south.

Entire full shot area with 13 target flags, surrounded by mature pine trees and sloping slightly up hill to the 300 yard marker.

Image Lays Out the Shot Flags on the Range
(Art By Jack Thomsen)