Golf: Find Center, 

Enter the Circle 


Jack Thomsen and

Kathyrn Thomsen

Accept Thomsen's invitation. Turn your attention inward, tap into the answers that are there, feel the resultant centering, the balance, and project that centering-enter the circle.

""A liberated person possesses perfect senses and with perfect senses only can serve the sense proprietor," says the Bhagavad Gita.

Golf:  Find the Center, Enter the Circle


Golf: Find Center, Enter the Circle's genesis from a personal journal's beginning had been imbued with a Joycean stream of consciousness that, in its intuitiveness, is likely to engage none but the determined reader. By way of contrast, however, the book's title forthrightly distills Thomsen's thesis. Golf, he asserts, can be a spiritual practice when done as an expression of the golfer's essential self and if engaged in it for the sheer love of golf's diversity, its wholeness, bringing on its transcendental nature.

About the Author


Jack Thomsen has followed his bliss by playing, teaching, and learning from golf since 1966 as a PGA professional. He is a frequent guest on radio talk-shows dedicated to golf, like Tee It Up. Thomsen lives in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, where he has operated a golf learning-center since the 1972.